There he goes again :)


Welcome friends!


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Harry to Lula: "Nice day, isn't it?"




So, Harry and Lula were sitting in the garden today, making the most of the nice(ish) weather and just having a general chat….











Bengal cat Blog Photo




… when all of a sudden their peace was shattered because daddy had only gone and got my favourite Da Bird toy out to play with!











Bengal cat Blog Photo




They could only watch in amazement at my acrobatic display!!












Bengal cat Blog Photo
Harry to Lula: "Isn't he silly?"




I am sure they only had words of admiration for my sporting abilities!















I had such fun – I’m going to see if Daddy will get my feathers out again for me!! So bye-bye for now!




Miaows and purrs and more miaows and purrs!


I am in such a good mood today because it’s our birthday – and our first at that! We’ve never had a birthday before! :lol:


Mummy has promised that as a special treat, she’ll put some new feathers on the Da Bird toy (my favourite toy, ever!) and her and daddy will spend as long as we like playing it with us (apart from all the hours when they’re at work…. :().


I think we’re going to get our favourite food later on as well – Reindeer in Gravy, yum yum! :D


Here’s the e-card that mummy made specially for us:


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Happy Birthday Spot and Lula!!



Lula and I have decided we quite like having birthdays – perhaps we should be like the Queen and have two a year, so we don’t have to wait so long until the next one? Does anyone know how we can make that happen? :lol:

What a year!


*Miaows* to all my lovely readers!


I know you hoomins have a saying about time flying, but I think you may have a point! We’re fast approaching our first birthday and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone!


We seem to have packed a lot into the first year of our lives, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to look back and review in pictures the year we’ve had – I hope you’ll accompany me on this journey :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Such little babies!




Of course, it all started off with us being born, on 14th May 2011, and here we are with our cat mummy, Pandora :) There were only two of us in the litter and Pandora was a fantastic mum!


We were bred by Sue from Tobysden Bengals who is a brilliant breeder: we’ve stayed friends with her since and go to cat shows with her on a regular basis. She’s a veterinarian and a very clever lady :)








Bengal Cat Blog Photo





Our hoomin mummy and daddy first saw us when we were about 2 weeks old, but they didn’t know then that we were going to be their special fur-babies!


This photo and the next were taken when we were about 6 weeks old … this was the first time mummy and daddy saw us after it was known that we would be theirs.







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*little miaow*






It seemed so long after this that we were ready to go to our new home as Sue doesn’t let any of her kittens go until they’re at least 13 weeks old.

What made it seem longer was that mummy and daddy were on holiday in the USA when we hit 13 weeks, so we were nearly 15 weeks old by the time we left Sue, though mummy and daddy did visit us a few times in between.






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This is comfy!








When we got to our new home, it didn’t take me long to work out that the squashy bit of the sofa was a good place to sleep!









Bengal Cat Blog Photo








Lula soon made herself feel at home too :lol:












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One of our biggest challenges was being introduced to the three cats who already lived with mummy and daddy.


A good way of doing this was at feeding time, though it was all done very gradually and we were all given our own space to make sure no-one felt threatened.






Bengal Cat Blog Photo









As kittens, there’s nothing better than having a play, though sometimes it could look a little rough! (but we love each other really!)











Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oooh! I'm a bit wet!







We had to get used to all the new things in the house… and in the garden!


We were supervised when we first went out to make sure we didn’t wander… but I still managed to fall in the pond! (as Lula did too on a different day!)







Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Wow! This is high!








I quickly discovered that the tree was a good thing to climb up, and the first few times I did it, I scared my mummy so much!


Luckily, there were no falls or injuries: well, I am a cat after all :lol:






Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I am such a showgirl!









Mummy took us to cat shows from when we were about 5 months old. She started off by entering just one of us per show to see whether we liked it or not …


Lula was the first to go to a show and did really well – you’ll be able to see all of our results on my “Cat Show Corner” page when I’ve updated it!






Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I am such a clever boy!










Then it was my turn to go to a show a few weeks later, and my mummy was so proud of me! I did far better than all expectations as my mummy didn’t think I’d like it!








Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I'm at the Supreme!








Then Lula went to the Supreme cat show!!


My mummy would have entered me if she’d known how good I was at my first show, but the entry deadline had passed by then :(






Bengal Cat Blog Photo
We like this field!








We’ve been to lots more shows, but back at home as we got older we were given a little more freedom to explore the great outdoors and the field next to our house.





Bengal Cat Blog Photo
We like to be together!






And so, to the present day! In March we set up our website, Facebook and Twitter pages, and YouTube channel and we’ve started to make lots of friends from all over the world!


Today, we reached 100 likes on Facebook and 50 followers on Twitter!


And of course, we have lots of lovely readers and subscribers to this web-page!








Thank you everyone for reading about our adventures! Let’s hope our second year is just as good :)



Desert Island Spot



Hello friends :)


I’ve been a bit philosophical today – I managed to sit out in the sun for a while (before the heavens opened and the rain arrived!), so it gave me the opportunity to stop and think. Having said that, I also managed to do lots of my normal running around with my sister of course!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Taking some time out :)



But I was thinking about a programme on the radio called “Desert Island Discs“. Now, this has been going for many years – since 1942 in fact! This is so many years that I can’t even contemplate how long that is, being as I’ve not even got to my first birthday yet :lol:


But back to the radio show: in case you don’t know, what happens is that they have a famous person on each week and they have to imagine that they’ve been cast away on a desert island and have to choose 8 pieces of music to take with them.


So, I’m not into all that music stuff that you humans seem to like so much, but I thought I’d put together a list of what 8 items I think are indispensable, that I would need to take on a desert island with me! So here they are:


1. Tuna – I do love a bit of the fishy stuff as a treat!

2. Talking of treats? My favourite dried chicken treats that my mummy buys for me.

3. My Da Bird feather toy – I’ve written a post about these fantastic feathers a little while ago, I just love chasing them.

4. A human – I suppose a human is quite important in my life; after all they need to feed me the tuna and the treats and wave the Da Bird toy around for me to chase!

5. Catnip – I don’t know what it is about that stuff, but I just can’t get enough of it!

6. A nice comfy bed or hammock – goes without saying that I need to have somewhere nice to sleep to have my cat-naps on.

7. My twin sister, Lulabelle – OK, I give in, she can come with me!

8. Some kitty grass to chew on when I need to calm my tummy.


So – what must-have things would you need if you were cast-away?

Our friend Robbie



It’s a public holiday here in the UK today, and it’s a pretty typical one: bad weather, lots of traffic jams… so I decided it was far better to stay indoors and write my blog :)

Now, I know technically this is a Bengal cat blog, but today I thought I’d tell you all about my cat-mate, Robbie, as he’s a bit of a character! He might not be a Bengal, but he’s a gorgeous ginger tabby boy with lots of purrrrsonality!

Cat Blog photo


Robbie, who’s also known as Bobs, or Bob-Bobs, loves to explore outside, though he never goes very far. He likes to stand on the fence so he can see all around him:

Cat Blog photo
What's happening over there?


And he’s also an expert at climbing trees, he’s very agile :)

Cat Blog photo
I can see even more from up here :)


He likes to hang out with the Harry cat and keep a watch over their territory:

Cat Blog photo
All quiet today...


And when he wants to come in, he sits patiently on the little wall near the back door:

Cat Blog photo
Please let me in!


But at the end of all that, he really enjoys a good cat-nap…

Cat Blog photo


…. just like the rest of us!

Cat Blog Photo
Zzzzz....Zzzzz... Zzzzz... Zzzzz...


Isn’t he just gorgeous? :lol:




Favourite squashy bit


*Miaow* and welcome to my world :)



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula in the hammock





As my loyal readers know, I’m quite partial to a little cat-nap when I’ve finished being naughty and I’m in a quieter mood :lol: Us cats all have our favourite little places for a snooze… as you can see Lula likes the cat hammock.









Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ahhhh.. squashy sofa




But for me, nothing beats the sofa in the conservatory, especially the bit at the back that because we’ve laid on it so much, it’s now officially called “the squashy bit” :lol:











Bengal Cat Blog Photo





I usually like to have the squashy bit all to myself…














Bengal Cat Blog Photo
OK, Harry - you can share!




… but sometimes I let others share with me

(well, Harry is bigger than me after all, so I usually do what he tells me to :lol:)












Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Not sure there's room for you, Robbie





The squashy bit is so popular  that I sometimes have to try and push the others out of the way if they got there first…










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Little Friday





… but if I’m feeling generous? I let them have the squashy bit all to themselves :)












What are the favourite areas that your cats like to sleep on or in?






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