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Welcome to the Bengal Cat World breeder directory!


I thought it would be helpful to put this handy guide together as I’m asked on a daily basis on our Facebook page and elsewhere: “Where can I get a Bengal cat from?”


You can find Breeders listed by country and I’m also including Bengal Rescue Centres so this should make it easy for you to find your purrfect cat!


To start, just click on your country’s flag or the rescue link below! (please note that this is a new directory, so not all countries have breeders signed up yet!)


If you are a breeder and you would like to join our directory, please click here. If you are a Bengal rescue centre and would like to be included (free service), or if you would like any other information, please contact us.


Bengal Cat Directory United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Bengal Cat Directory USA


Bengal Cat Directory Canada


Bengal Cat Directory Australia


Bengal Cat Directory New Zealand

New Zealand

Bengal Cat Directory France


Bengal Cat Directory Other EU

Other EU

Bengal Cat Directory Rest of the World

Rest of the World

Bengal Cat Directory - Rescue

Rescue Centres

























Please note that Bengal Cat World has not purrsonally visited any of the catteries listed and cannot therefore make any recommendations as to which one you should choose, although we have asked every breeder listed to send us a photo of their registration documentation as we are not in favour of “back yard breeders”. We recommend that you undertake thorough research before committing yourself to owning any cat, and Bengals in particular. You can read our guide to choosing a purrfect cat here.




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