Cattery Name:  CarterCats
Contact Name:  Nybee
Email Address:
Telephone:  07708 853165
Registered with:  TICA
Health screening completed:  PkDef
Other info:  Will export worldwide


Further Information


We are a family of hobby breeders, we have four children all great with cats and kittens.  All our cats and kittens live in our home as members of the family. We let all of the kittens move freely around the house so they are used to everyday household life like the TV, the vacuum, (even if Henry the hoover gets funny looks sometimes!!), the washing machine, work being undertaken around the home, and more importantly our children.

We find that this helps the kittens settle in their new homes quicker, we also prefer to call them by their names which we recommend their new family chooses for them as soon as possible to get them accustomed to it.

We are hoping to show our bengals as this is not something we currently do and our eldest daughter is very keen to become a junior exhibitor! And we are very proud of her for this choice! She quite rightly told us our cats are beautiful and it would not be fair to keep them all to ourselves and I agree with her haha.

We hope that we will bond with any new owners as we want to be there for them every step of the way! For us its a lifelong commitment and we are there not just for the cats but for the loving families that have them in their lives.

If you would like a wee chat please feel free to contact us!

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