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All the news from our World! :)

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I thought I would bring you up to date with all that’s happening in our World because things are going to be a-changing pretty soon! Yes, the time is very nearly upon us when, not only Spike, but also Annie, will be welcomed into our World! :shock:


Spike is a model model :)


Sweet little Annie


When I say “welcomed” , I think that some of us will be more welcoming than others! Here’s how I think it will pan out:

Friday will just give a little sigh and accept them both – she’s seen it all before…

Harry will go and hide behind the couch for two weeks, venturing out only for his breakfast and dinner, but will eventually realise that it’s not so bad after all and will decide that he will be friends :)

Robbie will not like them at all for at least 4 months. He will hiss at them frequently. After a while he might tolerate them, but they will never be as good to play with as his best mate, Harry.

Lula and I are a bit more difficult to predict as we’ve not been introduced to new cats on our territory before, but here’s what I think :)

Lula will be a bit wary at first but will decide quite quickly that they’re ok and nothing to worry about.

I will hiss at them both until I get bored of hissing at them :lol: I will do this despite the fact that they are my half-sister and brother (Harley, mine and Lula’s dad, is also their dad) ;)


Harley a.ka. Grand Champion Starwinds Noir-Diamond


The next thing we need to think about is cat shows. Spike and Annie will both hopefully be going to shows if they like it :) Spike will be going into the usual Pedigree breed classes, but little Annie will not ;) Unfortunately, she has developed a bit of a problem with her jaw. It’s nothing to worry about and shouldn’t affect her in any way, but it means that her jaw is not perfectly aligned. To be a pedigree show cat, you mustn’t have any ‘show faults’ and if you haven’t got a purrfect bite, then this is a fault.

But all is not lost! We can show Annie as a Pedigree Pet! They earn titles just in the same way as the pedigree breed classes, and they have wonderfully-titled side classes such as “Most Appealing Cat” or “Cat the Judge would Most Like to Take Home” :)

As for Lula and me? Well, Lula is going to carry on to try and earn an Olympian certificate or two :) But I am going to be retired from showing – yay! I haven’t really enjoyed it over the last couple I’ve been to, and I would quite frankly rather stay at home and have a nice catnap so I am going to retire having earned a respectable title: My official name is Grand Premier Tobysden Sunspot :)


Yay! No more shows for me!


Lula: Still looking for her first Olympian certificate :)


If you’re in the UK and you would like to meet us at shows, just get in touch by emailing us and we can let you know which ones we’re planning on going to!


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot