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We’re back! And with some fabulous news to share! :)






Hello my friends, Spot here!

Oh my days, it’s been a long time since I wrote that, hasn’t it?

I’m sorry I’ve not written my blog in such a long time… obviously at the end of last year, it was a very difficult time for us all to lose our beloved (and still loved) Harry and then Friday within 2 weeks of each other, it was so heartbreaking and we are still very sad now :(

And then all of a sudden it was Christmas time and my mummy was so busy with the store that she didn’t have time to help me write my blog. I told her she was a naughty mummy but she didn’t seem to take much notice :lol:

But we’re back now and hopefully will be able to write regularly again :) We’ll try and catch up with all the comments, questions and messages as soon as we can too.

But all of that is not the fabulous news I want to share ;) No, I’m going to let you know all about the cat show yesterday! :)

So this was a large double show, and also our local show as it was the Shropshire (where we live) and Gwynedd (which is a county in Wales) shows.

Spike was entered into both shows and Annie only in one (the Shropshire) because that’s just how things work out sometimes :)

Even though it’s one of our closest shows, it was still much too early in the morning for me when the hoomins got up, so I let them get on with it and carried on with my important cat nap. My motto in life is that you can’t have too many important cat naps :D :D

Anyways, they were soon out of the house, making their way to the show so peace descended :)

At the show, they passed vetting in and went to settle in their pens.

Annie had a lot to say about that, she likes to announce her arrival to anyone who will listen (which isn’t that many people or cats, to be honest :lol: )

Chatty Annie


Spike soon settled into his double pen and watched the to-ings and fro-ings around him :)

Spike chillin’


Meanwhile, mummy was putting the finishing touches to the stall, it had been mainly set up the day before :)

Mummy’s Trade Stand


There was a bit of a delay to the show starting as there were some traffic delays for some people, so Spike and Annie waited patiently in their pens…

Spike waiting patiently


Annie waiting patiently (sort of)


…. but after a while the hall was quite full and the morning judging began. Mummy was busy serving customers on the stand but also kept an eye on the results as much as she could.

Annie’s results came out quite quickly: she still needs one more Olympian certificate to earn the title of Olympian Silver. There were 5 gorgeous girls in her class, and unfortunately she was not the winner :( Though the judge told my mummy afterwards that it was a very difficult decision and any one of the 5 could have won as they were all of such a high standard :)

The same judge was judging Annie’s ‘Best of Colour’ class: Annie was the only girl in the class, but she was competing against 5 boys :shock:

So my mummy was extremely pleased when she saw the results and saw that Annie won the class! Yay! So it was a wonderful result in this class :)

She was in only one side class and was unplaced out of 6. Perhaps not her best day ever, but you can’t win em all! :)

So now we move on to Spike….

His results seemed to take a long time to come out, it was a large show and the judges were very busy so this is understandable.

Spike is still aiming to achieve his Imperial title and he needs 2 more Imperial certificates to get it.

The first result that came out showed that he wasn’t going to achieve that as he got Reserve Imperial, i.e. second place.

Then there was a l-o-n-g wait for the other results….

… But they were worth waiting for!!

He won the Imperial class in the other show; he won Best of Breed in both shows and then he won one side class and came second in the other! Yay! My mummy was very pleased! :)

BUT! There was still more excitement to come!

He then won “Best Foreign Neuter’ for the Gwynedd show! This was fabulous as there were a lot of gorgeous cats in the Foreign Neuter section (e.g Russian Blue, La Perm, Tonkinese, other Bengals, Devon Rex etc etc).

But then! More fabulous news! He only went and won Best Foreign Neuter for the Shropshire show as well! :) : ) :)  My mummy and daddy were so pleased! Here’s some pics :)

Spikey and his rosettes


More of Spikey’s rosettes


Phew! My mummy then went to the coffee shop to get a couple of celebratory lattes (the hoomins were driving so Champagne was out of the question :lol: ) …. and whilst she was there, she heard a message over the loud speaker asking for the cat in pen 271 to be taken to the Best in Show pens!!

Oh my days! That was our Spike! He had beaten the Best Foreign Adult (non-neutered cat) and Best Foreign Kitten to win Overall Best in Show Foreign! Yay! :)

My mummy rushed to the pen, got him out and rushed him to the BiS pens and meanwhile daddy grabbed the camera to take some pics :)

Spike in Best in Show pen


So now he competed against all the other cats who had won their Best in Show section – e.g. British, Semi Longhair, Persian etc – there are 9 in total :)

The judge took each cat out of the BiS pens in turn to have a look at them and Spike was a very good boy indeed :)

Being judged for Overall Best in Show


What a spotty tummy he has :)

So then the judge had the difficult task of choosing just one to win the overall Best in Show …. and she chose the semi-longhair winner, a wonderful Maine Coon boy who is absolutely gorgeous but that was fine as the hoomins were so pleased that Spike had got as far as he did as it is such an achievement, particularly at a large show like that one :)

Phew! How exciting!

But after all that excitement, the show soon closed and the hoomins had to pack up the stall and make their way home and feed us all and make us nice and comfy for some more important cat naps :)

Before I go, here’s a couple more pics of Spike’s rosettes and medal :)

Spike’s rosettes


Spike’s medal


So there we have it! A wonderful day all round!

Take care my friends!

Love from



Spike and Annie’s latest day out!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend :) I’m here as your show reporter for yesterday’s outing! I think some of you might like to know how the Peskies got on, so being as my mummy bribed very kindly gave me some of my favourite chicken treats, I thought I’d oblige :)

So the day started off as usual quite early, and most of us carried on sleeping whilst all the kerfuffle was going on :) The hoomins and Peskies soon left and made their way to Sue our breeder’s house to give her a lift as she was Duty Vet at the show.

As per the last show, there was some drama on the way – yet another fire! :shock: This time it was in a factory, and the hoomins and Peskies got stopped by a nice policeman who told them the road was closed, so they had to divert around some country lanes which was a bit of a problem being as they didn’t really know where they were going :shock:

This made them a little late arriving at Sue’s house, but she was ready and waiting and they were soon on their way a little bit up north to Wigan :)

On arrival, they settled into their pens, Spike had a good look around and soon settled in :)

Settled Spike


Annie on the other hand likes to have a good look in and around her pen and check that all is in order before she settles down :)


Checking out the pen


It all seems ok :)


She was so busy checking out her pen that she tipped all her water over and mummy had to dry it out :) Silly girl :)

After a while, the hall began to fill up with all the other cats and their hoomins, there was about 225 cats in this show in total of all breeds including Pedigree Pets (like Annie) and non-pedigree pets too :)

Then the morning judging began and the hoomins bit their fingernails whilst waiting for the results, silly things :lol:

Annie is in the Olympian Class, and only needs one more certificate to reach Olympian Silver level. There were only two in the class yesterday, so unless the Judge withheld one or both of them, one would get the coveted Olympian and one would get Olympian Reserve.

Usually, with the Olympian being the top class, this is done first, but my mummy saw that all the other classes were gradually getting the results published, including Olympian male, but not Olympian Female!

So she went to ask what was happening and was told that the judge was very torn! She could not decide between Annie and the other girl, so was judging her other classes to try and help her make her mind up!

So it was a bit of a wait…. but the results eventually came out and…. Annie was awarded reserve :( The other girl pipped her at the post! So she has to wait a bit longer to get to the elusive Olympian Silver level!

She did, however, beat another Bengal to win Best of Colour so that was a nice consolation.

In her side classes, it wasn’t as good a day as she’s had previously, she came 2nd out of 4 in the class “Any Pedigree Pet” and 3rd out of 4 for “Prettiest Female”.

So it just wasn’t her day, but you can’t win every time! :)

Annie’s rosettes

So how did Spike do?

He’s aiming for his Imperial title, he has 2 Imperial certificates and needs another 3 to achieve the title. There were 5 other boys in his class yesterday, so it was tough.

A little too tough as he wasn’t awarded it, it went to another Bengal boy, and the Reserve went to an Asian Smoke.

My mummy didn’t hold out much hope then for Best of Breed… there  were 4 brown spotty Bengals in total who were competing for it, including the one who had won the Imperial, plus it was a judge who had not seemed to rate Spike in other shows….

So she was VERY surprised – and happy – when he won it! Yay! What a clever boy! But it didn’t stop there….

In his side classes, he came 1st out of 3 for ‘Foreign Visitor Neuter’ (again beating the boy who had won the Imperial) and 1st out of 4 in the special class judged on Temperament and Condition, beating two other Bengals and a Russian Blue!

So out of the four classes he was entered into, he came 1st in three of them! :D

Overall, then, it was a bit of a mixed day, but the hoomins seemed happy and when they came home we all had some yummy food and some more of my favourite chicken treats (I’m beginning to think that perhaps the hoomins should buy shares in that company :lol: )

The next show that one of the Peskies – Annie – will be going to is…. The Supreme! This is the pinnacle of our show calendar and it takes place in just under 4 short weeks!  How will she do? Who knows? But we’ll be sure to let you know here :) (as long as those lovely chicken treats keep coming :lol: )

Take care my friends!

Love from






Show Day – with a Difference!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I’m here to tell you all about the show day yesterday, but it was different to normal in so many ways!

It started off all quite normally, mummy and daddy were going with Spike and Annie and the stall. This show was one of the closest ones to where we live, so the hoomins were able to go the venue on Friday afternoon and start setting up the stall :)

The stall has so many lovely things and is growing all the time, so it’s much better to be able to set up as much as they can the day before, they were there for about 3 hours in total, and were in fact very late in serving my dinner that evening which I wasn’t very impressed about and told them so in no uncertain terms!

But apart from that, all was well. Then yesterday (Caturday) morning, it was an earlyish start, though not as early as some. Mummy, daddy and the Peskies all got themselves looking presentable (sort of :lol: ) and then drove off in the van to go and pick up Sue, our breeder and the Duty Vet at the show, so nothing different there.

Not far from Sue’s house, though, they saw lots of smoke in the air and a couple of fire engines and lots of firemen! :shock: someone had set fire to a hay field and they were desperately trying to get it under control.

Photo: @SFRS_JT
Photo: @SFRS_JT

Luckily, the fire was too far away from Sue’s house to cause any damage to that, or indeed any other properties, so after carefully driving by, the hoomins continued and within a few minutes were at Sue’s at the agreed time.

But…. there were no lights on at Sue’s! She wasn’t anywhere to be seen! My mummy rang the doorbell and knocked on the door but nothing! She was very worried, so she called Sue’s phone but there was no reply :shock:

She then called the house phone and after a few rings, a groggy Sue replied… she was a bit confused as she was still asleep! For the first time ever in all the many years she had been going to cat shows, Sue had slept through her alarm!

My mummy was very relieved that it wasn’t anything more serious, but then there was then a slight panic as time was ticking on! Mummy checked all the Bengals and Toygers in Sue’s cattery and made sure they all had food and water whilst Sue got ready.

After a little while, they were good to go, so they set off and arrived at the show a bit later than planned but nothing that couldn’t be overcome :)

On arrival, daddy took the Peskies through vetting in and got them settled in their pens, whilst mummy carried on setting up the stall which took another couple of hours.

Annie and Spike are very relaxed at shows and generally enjoy lots of nice catnaps and yesterday was just the same – daddy took a couple of pics before judging started :)

Spike telling daddy what a good boy he is :)


Annie meanwhile was as curious as ever!



Then it was time for the judging to start; and for the morning at least, it was just like a normal show with all the judges doing their thing and the owners hoping that their cats would be on their best behaviour :lol:

At the cat shows we go to (GCCF), the owners have to leave the cats during morning judging and are allowed back to see them usually around 12:30 or so. There are further classes that are judged in the afternoon, but the important Title classes and Best of Breed are judged in the morning.

The owners are allowed to walk around the stalls in the show hall, but a lot of them go and have breakfast or do a bit of shopping if the venue is near some shops.

So the stall is generally a bit quiet in the morning but peak trading happens in the early afternoon when all the owners come back and the general public are allowed in.

Yesterday, however, was a bit different.

At around 12:00 or 12;15, the hoomins were chatting to another stall holder, when out of the corner of their eye, they could see something moving on the floor! :shock:

It soon became apparent that a cat had escaped and was running away from the judges and stewards that were trying to catch him!

He then decided that my mummy’s stall looked very nice so darted underneath it, in between all the boxes… but he didn’t stay there! Immediately behind the stall was some racking where they keep seating – they pull it out from the wall when needed and it turns into rows of seats, here is an example :


So imagine that with my mummy’s stall in front that took up almost a quarter of that space…

So, you guessed it, the naughty little cat decided that would be a good place to hang out, so he ran in between the racks and went and hid where no-one could reach him.

Oh dear! Lots of hoomins were then frantically trying to (a) get him out and (b) locate his owners who could have been anywhere!

Basically, the show stopped for a long while whilst lots of people tried lots of things to coax him out.  Everyone except the stall holders and a few judges/stewards/show management team was told to leave.

After a while, owners and the public were queuing up at the door to come into the hall as it was gone 12:30 but they were not allowed in. Meanwhile, the kitty cat stood (or rather sat) firm and wouldn’t budge!

The sports hall people said it was too dangerous to move the racking, so that was out of the question, and the space was too small for even little hoomins to get into so it was a stale-mate!

The owners were found and tried to get him out and he did come enticingly close once or twice, but then went back to being out of reach :shock:

After 30 or 40 minutes, it was decided that he wasn’t coming out any time soon and the show was re-started and the owners and public were allowed in, whilst the owners of the runaway stayed at the end of the racking, next to mummy’s stall, keeping an eye on him and waiting for him to change his mind and come out.

Then… there was a new development! The show management was told that the sports hall people had allowed them to move the racking after all!

But of course…. there was mummy’s stand in the way, and a nice man called Barry’s stand which was next door too.

OMC! :shock: After 5 hours of setting up, and trading that had already been disrupted at the peak time, it was decided that some strong men and women would be able to simply move the tables away. Which they did. Except… a couple of tables were moved a few metres to the side, and the other three were moved a few metres in front, so basically the previously-neat stall was literally strewn across part of the show hall… Mummy wasn’t entirely pleased, though she did feel extremely sorry for the nice lady and man who’s cat it was. After all, they were worried sick and it wasn’t their fault their cat was sitting in the middle of some dark racking instead of being cuddled in his pen!

So then there were lots of hoomins umming and aaahhing, gathered around the space where mummy’s stall had been.  But nothing else seemed to be happening…..

Then it came to light that the Sports Hall manager had not in fact given permission for the racking to be moved, saying it was too dangerous and could hurt the cat or any hoomins nearby….

So that was that. Mummy tried to carry on trading as best she could for the rest of the afternoon, rather embarrassed by the state that her stall was in whilst the little cat stayed right where he was :lol:

And in amongst all of this, of course, Spike and Annie were hoping to get somewhere with their classes! So I guess I’d better let you know how they did, though it wasn’t the best day they’d ever had :)

Spike was in a class of 4 for his Imperial,  and wasn’t awarded it. He did win Best of Breed and had a 1st and two 2nds in his side classes.


Annie needs that elusive last certificate for her Olympian Silver, but unfortunately was not awarded it, though she too won Best of Colour and she came 1st out of 4 for ‘Prettiest Female’, 1st out of 3 in the ‘Senior’ class (a cat is classed as ‘senior’ when they are 2 years+) and 3rd out of 6 for ‘Any Pedigree Pet’.

Annie and her rosettes


So that was that.


After a strange day, it was then finally time to pack up and go home :)  It’s much quicker for the hoomins to pack up the stall than set it up, even if it was all over the place and they made good progress as the hall gradually emptied of all the other exhibitors and their precious cats.

But I guess you all want to know what happened to the boy who was hiding?

A short while after the show ended, and the hall had started to empty, he came out into the arms of his daddy and safely into his carrier (after lots of cuddles of course).

The owners were soon on their way after that, with mummy and daddy and Sue and the Peskies not too far behind them.

So that is the end of that. Let’s hope that isn’t repeated anytime soon :)

Take care my friends!
Love from



Show Day for the Brown Spotty Boys!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

So I thought I’d let you know all about my big day out yesterday. Oh, and Spike’s too I guess :lol:

I knew something was a-happening on Friday evening as my mummy first of all trimmed my claws, then cleaned my face and ears – I don’t mind the ears, it’s when she does my eyes and nose that I complain about the indignity of it all – then she spruced up my coat! As if it needed sprucing!

Then she did the same to Spike but not Annie so I guessed it was to be a boys’ day out :) I heard mummy say something to daddy about Annie having a little summer holiday from shows, so it was up to us to fly the Bengal Cat World flag! :D

And I was right! At some unearthly hour in the middle of the night yesterday, the hoomins awoke from their slumber and put every single light on in the house they could find (or at least it seemed like that, they should learn to have better night vision, it would be so beneficial for them :lol: ) – then once they had finished preening themselves, they hoisted me and Spike into our carrier and off we went to a show many miles away….

We were there very early, as usual, so there were no actual vets even there yet for vetting in, so daddy stayed with us whilst mummy started to set up her stall.

After a while, daddy took us to vetting in but it wasn’t our breeder, Sue, like it usually is (she was at a different show). It was a man vet! :shock: Spike decided he didn’t like him very much and actually hissed at him! Can you believe it? I don’t think I’ve ever heard him hiss before, so he was showing a bit of a new side :lol:

But as soon as we were into the show hall, he was his old self again and daddy set about cleaning and preparing our pens. We soon settled in though I think I might need a bigger bed :lol:

Chillin in the bed

Spike was back to his usual laid back self, and was in the pen right next door to me. He decided he preferred not being in the bed at all! :)

Spike doesn’t need a bed


After a while, it was time for us to be nice to all the judges who came along to see us :) We are both at the same level, so we were both competing to get the Imperial certificate with whoever else was in the class, and of course we are both the same breed so we were both competing for Best of Breed with any other brown spotties who were there :)

Luckily, my mummy wasn’t in the dark as she had the show catalogue, so she could see that there were 7 cats in total going for the Imperial – alongside myself and Spike there were some Cornish Rexes and some Asian tabbies too and some others that I can’t remember.

But only one would get the desired Imperial certificate, and one would get Reserve and the others would get nothing…

For Best of Breed, myself and Spike were up against a girl Bengal who herself was very lovely so that would be tough as only one of us would win!

We had a long long wait for the results to come out…. Best of breed was first and the winner was ……. Spike! Yay! ( <—- my mummy made me say that :lol: )

Then there was a long gap to wait for the Imperial which was a good job as my mummy’s stall was absolutely hectic with lots of people buying lots of lovely kitty things from there ;)

But then the result was finally up though we weren’t expecting to win….. so we were really pleasantly surprised when we found out that the winner was Spike! Yay again! :) :) :)

Here’s his lovely rosette :)

Spike’s rosette


After all that excitement, we then had another lovely treat in that our good page friend, Izzy, and her friend, Janina, came to visit me! (and Spike, but I am her favourite :D ) It was so lovely to see you Izzy at last, you have been a very loyal friend of the page pretty much as soon as it began, so thank you! And Janina was a lovely smiley lady too! :)

The only thing left to wait for now was the side class results.

I came 2nd out of 4 in one of mine, and was unplaced in the other.

Spike came 1st out of 2 in one of his and 2nd out of 6 in the other, so yet more great results for the golden boy! :)

Then it was time to pack up and drive home. I did supervise my daddy quite closely on the drive back to make sure his driving was up to my strict standards :lol:

Supervising daddy


And in between times, I had a snooze in the carrier which I kind of let Spikey share but he was only allowed to have a little bit :)  Though I did allow him to use me as a pillow (I am nice like that)

Snoozing on the way home


Then we got home and little Annie in particular was so pleased to see us! She had missed her favourite boy (me) and her brother and the hoomins! She was very clingy for the rest of the evening and today as well! (note to self: “don’t go out again without the little pesky”)

But I don’t think I will be going to any more shows anyways, my friends, as my mummy said she will probably retire me and let the two youngsters represent us which they do so well. I must admit, I do get much better catnaps when I’m at home, so that’s fine by me :lol:

Take care my friends!
Love from



Little Annie’s Big Day Out!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

So I’m going to tell you all about Annie’s latest jaunt to the cat show :)

The show she went to yesterday was held at the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Cambridgeshire (UK) so it was quite a trek :) It was a very early start as the hoomins were giving Sue, our breeder and Duty Vet at the show, a ride there.

So with the dawn just peeking out over the horizon, they set off and I went and found my nice pink cushion and had some lovely sleeps on there on my own. In fact the only disturbance was a bit of snoring from Friday, but I managed to get some good naps in despite that :lol:

I digress… they arrived at the show nice and early and Sue was able to vet Annie in without any issues, so it was time to go and get settled in her pen :)


Annie settling in


Annie likes to have a good look around her and see who her neighbours are (she’s a bit nosey if I’m honest) though not everyone was there at that time of the morning.

It didn’t take long for the show hall to fill up, though, and soon it was time for morning judging to start :) This was a double show – the Kensington show and the Eastern Counties show, so there were a lot of classes to be judged!

Annie of course is going for her Olympian Silver title which is the most important class out of them all. She currently has three Olympian Silver certificates and needs another two to earn the title. But these are the very top classes, so the competition is very strong!

In Annie’s Olympian class there were 7 beautiful girls entered, though one was absent… this still meant she had to beat 5 others to be awarded the coveted certificate.

The results were a little slow to come in, but they were worth waiting for!

Annie didn’t the Olympian for the Kensington show :( But she did get it for the Eastern Counties show – Yay! :) This means she now only needs one more certificate to be an Olympian Silver and then she will go on to compete for more Olympians certificates to reach Gold!

She also won Best in Colour for the Eastern Counties show and for the Kensington show too! :)

In the side classes (which aren’t as important), she didn’t do so well :(
In the Eastern Counties show, she came 3rd out of 5 for “Prettiest female” and 3rd out of 5 for “Any Variety Female”.

In the Kensington side classes, she came 2nd out of 5 for “Prettiest female” and 1st out of 2 for “Best Presentation Short Hair”.

My mummy always likes her to win “Prettiest” so these are not good results :lol:

But of course, the main thing was she got another precious Olympian, and she also met lots of lovely friends who came to the show especially and Annie drew lots of admirers from the general public when she was out of her pen, having a cuddle with mummy or daddy :)

Here’s some more pics :)

Annie thinking about eating her rosette :)


Hmmm.. this rosette is not very tasty :)


“I wonder what next door’s up to?”


Having a rest under the cooling fan :)


In two week’s time, Annie is going to another double show where she’ll have the chance to compete for the Olympian, but we’re not counting any chickens :) They always say the last one is the hardest one to get :)

And I heard a little mumble that I’m also entered into one of the shows! How about that my friends? I get to catnap inside a nice pen all day instead of at home :lol:

Take care my friends!
Love from



Annie’s Triumph at the Cat Show







Hello my friends, Spot here!

Oh my days! I am just a tiny bit proud of my little sister, Annie, but don’t tell her I said so, will you?

She is quite a little star at home, but also when she goes gallivanting around the country to cat shows! And yesterday was no exception.

It was the Maine Coon cat show yesterday. Now, we all know that Annie is about as far removed away from a Maine Coon as you can get – she’s little and has a sleek short coat rather than being large with a fluffy coat – but being as she’s in the household pet section, she can go to these kinds of shows, even though she isn’t that breed :)

The show was not too far away, so although it was the usual early start, it was a bit more reasonable than others can be :) And as usual, once Annie and the hoomins had left, we all had some lovely catnaps and watched the birdies out of the windows once it was properly light :)

Annie as normal sailed through vetting in and was soon settling into her pen and checking out the surroundings :)


Annie checking out her surroundings


She told daddy she felt it was ok :)


Annie giving the paws up


Being a breed show, this was a bit smaller than some others, so there were only about 100 cats there in total – around 75 Maine Coons and 25 Household Pets :)

As you know, Annie is now in the top classes – the Olympians, and already has her Bronze so is going for Silver. She needs 5 silvers from 5 different judges, and only one of the 5 can be from a smaller breed show, the other 4 must come from All Breed shows.

There were four girls in total in Annie’s class, all wanting to win the coveted Olympian certificate, and all very pretty ladies.

Luckily, the results were out extremely quickly, so we didn’t need to wait long to hear the wonderful news that Annie had won! Yay! :)

Here’s her certificate, signed by the judge:

Annie’s Olympian certificate


And this is the reverse side with the judge’s comments! (some do this, not all)

The reverse


So the judge said she was ‘bowled over’ by her – how lovely! :)

Then it was a different judge doing Annie’s Best of Colour judging, which is the next most important class to win… but Annie beat the boy to win this too! :)

Then it was the time for side classes, the results of these are more for fun as they don’t ‘count’ towards anything. Which is a good job as Annie didn’t do so well in these :(

She was unplaced out of 6 for ‘Prettiest Female’

She came third out of 5 for ‘Any Cat Under 3′

But she did win the class – ‘Best Groomed Shorthair’ out of 6.

So mixed results there, but she’s still our little star, and here she is with her rosettes to prove it ;)

Annie having a chat


Annie having a snooze


They all got home safely and Annie had a nice tea and a long sleep before starting out on a new day today where she sat on top of the cat house watching the birdies! :)

Annie doing some birdie watching


Take care my friends!
Love from