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Latest show results

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Last time I posted, I said I’d let you all know how I got on at the cat show I went to on Caturday :) Some of you will have already seen how I did if you follow my Facebook/Twitter pages, but I thought I’d share some more photos here that I’ve not posted elsewhere.


Overall, I didn’t have a good show and I didn’t get my Grand certificate – this was my first attempt at getting a Grand and you need 3 to earn the title, so it wasn’t the best of starts :lol: The competition was very good, though, as competing against me was an Egyptian Mau and an Asian and my big brother Star, who’s a snow Bengal. Neither of us two Bengals got the Grand or the Reserve, so I guess it just wasn’t our day!


I got a 2nd and a 3rd in a couple of my side classes, but was unplaced in the other.


Lula and I are both entered in a show in early October, but I think I heard my mummy say that I will be having a break from shows until next year after that one. Lula is going to a couple in November, including the Supreme Cat Show which is the biggest cat show of the year and takes place at the NEC in Birmingham (for my UK friends).


Anyway, as promised, here’s some more photos of me at Caturday’s show :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Chillin’ in my pen :)


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oooh! mummy just woke me up!
















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Did someone mention cat treats?


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I can see you!


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Keeping my fur looking good!

















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Back to catnapping!



























Let’s hope I do a little better next time as I need to catch up with Lula who’s already achieved Grand Premier and will now be competing for her Imperial title! Clever girl – it just shows she can behave when she wants to! :D


Take care my friends!
Love from Spot xxx



Lula’s a Grand Premier!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you are all ok, and my friends in the UK have had a nice long weekend, with an extra day off work :)


Those of you who like my Facebook page will probably know already that Lula had a fantastic day at the cat show on Saturday! It  was one of the furthest-away shows that we go to as it was in Middlesborough which (in case you don’t know) is in the north-east of England and we’re in the mid-west! So mum and Lula set off very early and drove to our breeder’s house as mummy is very good friends with her and they go to most shows together :)


Being as it was so far, mummy paid extra and Lula had a double pen so she could stretch her paws out which she said she liked!


Bengal cat at show
Lula chilling in her pen



Lula needed just one more Grand certificate to earn herself the title of Grand Premier cat and the good news is that she achieved it :lol:


Bengal Cat at Show
Rosettes :)


This means that she will now compete to be an Imperial Grand Premier cat! This is very tough to earn though as she we will be competing against a lot more breeds of cat, so we’re not taking anything for granted.


But at the end of the day, it’s not to be taken too seriously as it’s only a bit of fun! :)


Bengal cat at cat show
This toy looks interesting…


Bengal cat show
This is how happy Lula was when she was told she was a Grand Premier!



Speak again soon!

Love from Spot xxx

Latest show news :)

Hello again, Spot here!


I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend, the trouble with them is that they go so quickly, isn’t it? :)


We went to the Bengal Cat Club cat show yesterday, and if you read my Facebook page, you’ll know that we had a fantastic set of results!


Here’s how we did in detail! So I’ll start with me :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Keeping my fur in tip-top condition!


The closing date for this show was BEFORE the last show we went to, so even though I now have enough Premier Certificates (PCs) to qualify as a Premier Cat. I was entered into the Premier Certificate class again… which I won!! So I now have 4 PCs :lol: Then in my three side classes, I got two first places and one second place, so pretty good results!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I’m going to get that mouse!



I had a great day… but Lula had an even better one! She was going for her 2nd Grand Premier Certificate, and was in a very tough class with lots of other great cats! So mummy was exceptionally proud when she won it and therefore her certificate! But then even better she beat all the other snow spotty Bengals to get Best of Breed! :D But then, and mummy couldn’t believe this, she then won Best Female Neuter in Show! This meant that she went to the Best in Show Pens for the overall judging!



Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula next to our Uncle BooBoo


So here’s Lula next to our Uncle BooBoo. He won Best Male Neuter and they were therefore up against each other for Best Neuter in Show. Now, bearing in mind that Uncle BooBoo is an Imperial Grand Premier and is much more mature than Lula, we thought she stood no chance. But then the judge placed her above him, so she won Best Neuter in Show!!


She was then up against the Best Adult and the Best Kitten for Best in Show overall. This is where Lula didn’t win as the adult was awarded that title.


But what a fantastic day, and to do all that where there were so many lovely Bengals in the show meant that mummy was extremely proud :D :D


To top all of this, mummy won a bottle of wine in the raffle and has also found out today that one of our photos won in the photo competition and so will appear in the 2013 Bengal Cat Club calendar.


We are all so happy!


I hope you had as good a weekend as us :)

Love from Spot xx



Phew! What a great day!

Hello my friends, Spot here again :)


I hope you’re all well and your working week has started off ok for you. My weeks are usually pretty similar – lots of play, naughtiness, eating and cat-napping! Ahhh! Such is life :lol:


Anyway, as you all know, we were at the cat show on Caturday. It was a double show with two cat clubs sharing the same venue so we had twice the amount of judges looking at us, but that also meant we had the potential to win twice the amount of classes!


So how did we do? Well, I needed 2 Premier Certificates to earn the title of Premier Cat, and that is exactly what I got! So all my mummy needs to do now is officially claim my title!


Lula was already a Premier Cat so was trying to earn Grand Premier certificates, you need 3 of these to earn the title of Grand Premier cat. The competition can get tougher the higher you go, but Lula was successful in gaining one certificate :) She then got a Reserve certificate, which is the runner up – a lovely white Sphynx cat beat her :)


We had some mixed results in our side classes – I got a couple of first places and a couple of second places. Lula got a couple of first places too and got a second place out of a huge class of 11 cats of different breeds!


Here’s some pics!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Do you think I look like a Premier cat?


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oohh… I just want to play!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Pondering life and cat shows….


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula’s posh rosettes!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Hey! I got some rosettes too! :)


Our granddaddy was at the show too, and set a great example for us! He won Best of Variety and went forward to the Best in Show finals where he finished second! We’re sure you’ll agree he’s a handsome chap! Here he is in his Best of Variety special pen :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Our granddad Sabu – in his Best of Variety pen


So a great day was had by all, but it’s our very favourite show coming up next, the Bengal Cat Club Show which is taking place on 28th July – we can’t wait :)


Speak again soon!


Love from

Spot xxx


We love squashy sofas :)

Hello everyone, Spot here!


I hope you are all well :)


We are so excited as tomorrow is not only Caturday, but it’s a special cat show Caturday!


It is quite a long way to travel for us, so we’re having an early night tonight which got me to thinking about one of our favourite sleeping spots which some of you may remember. It is of course the bit of the sofa that we all sleep on so much, it is almost always completely squashed down! It won’t win any awards in an interior design magazine, but us cats love it!


Here’s a few pics of us making the most of it:

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Nearly zzzzzz…..















Bengal Cat Blog Photo

















Bengal Cat Blog Photo


















Bengal Cat Blog Photo



















So I think it’s about time we went to sleep now, so I’ll speak to you soon and let you know how we got on at the show!

Love from





We love long weekends!

Hello everyone!


I’m very happy because it’s an extra l-o-n-g weekend here in the UK!! We’ve had not only Caturday and Sunday, but Monday AND Tuesday are public holiday days too! This is to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee – she’s been on the throne for 60 years. 60 years!! Gosh, I can’t even imagine that amount of years! I think she must be quite bored of doing that job by now :lol:


So, we’ve had a busy weekend so far! We went to the Merseyside Cat Club show yesterday which took place near Liverpool. Lula did very well!  She came first in her breed class and also got first place in both of her side classes! Here she is in her pen:

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula taking it in her stride

And here’s her breed class rosette:

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
1st Place!

She also, more importantly, got her third Premier Certificate which means she can now claim the title of Premier Cat (please see my cat show corner page if you want an explanation of these things!).


We have to get in touch with the GCCF now to make it all official, and then in future shows she can try and get to Grand Premier! Here’s all of her Premier Certificates:

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Isn't she a clever girl?

Mummy also entered us both into a special Diamond Jubilee class – but there were also 18 other cats entered of different breeds, and they only awarded first place which went to another cat. Oh well!


I didn’t have such a good show as Lula. I came second in my breed class. I was beaten by a very nice cat who was at his first show! But he was lovely, so I don’t mind that he came in front of me :) I did get a rosette of my own for 2nd place though:


Bengal Cat Blog photo
2nd place ain't so bad!

I then got a first place in one of my side classes (Yay!!) and a 4th place in my other one (boo!!).


Here’s me behaving in my pen :)


Bengal Cat Blog and Photos


Being as I didn’t get my Premier Certificate, I’ve still got to get two more from two different judges before I can call myself a Premier Cat like Lula! But mummy has a cunning plan!! The next show we are going to is two-shows-in-one! This happens from time-to-time, but it basically means I have two chances at the next show of getting a PC which will get me to Premier Cat if I get them :)


But that’s not for a few weeks yet, so in the meantime, we’ll just carry on playing in the field and running around in the garden like the pet cats that we really are ;-)


Well, I’m going to go and eat my jubilee tea now! Speak again soon :)