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The first show of the year!






Hello my friends, Spot here!


So there I was, in the fading light in the cat garden, chasing a springy toad with Lula when all of a sudden my mummy came along and told us off for chasing things smaller than ourselves and made me come into her office aka Bengal Cat World International Headquarters aka The Boudoir, to write my blog for this week!

Phew! That was a long sentence but I guess what it all means is, I’m here my friends! (albeit a little unwillingly as I bet Mr. Toad will be long gone by now *sigh* :lol: )

So I thought I’d give you an update about the first show of the year! Hello? First show? But it’s June and we’ve been to quite a few already this year?

Ha! Well, just to confuse you all, the show calendar under GCCF runs from June – May so we have now officially started the new season :) So I haven’t gone mad on toad odour in case you were wondering  :lol:

Anyway, back in time to yesterday… it was as usual an early start, though not as early as some have been, because this was the Merseyside show which isn’t too far away from us.

Annie and Spike had been through their little prep session the night before, so I knew it was the two peskies that were going. Which in turn meant of course I could have lovely catnaps by myself without having to share my bed with one little wriggly spotty pesky aka Annie :D

They were soon ready and left the house on time where they drove to the show with no issues, they flew through vetting in and then it was time to settle in the pens :)

This was a relatively small show for an all-breed one as there was a double show on in the south of the country at the same time, so there was only about 180 cats of all breeds, and including of course Household Pets.

So the peskies had to wait a little longer whilst their pens were prepared, but they were soon able to get in them and settle.

Annie had a good look around to make sure she was happy with her surroundings :)

Having a good look around


Whilst Spike is so laid back, he just made himself at home in his double pen and made sure his bed was nice and comfy ;)


Checking out his bed :)


Then it was time for the judging to start! Mummy looked in her catalogue and could see that, although it was a relatively small show, both the peskies had a fair amount of competition!

Spike was aiming for an Imperial certificate, and there were 4 cats in the class, with just two of them being awarded – one for the Imperial and one for the Reserve.

Unfortunately, Spike didn’t get placed on this occasion, but another stunning Bengal boy won instead so that was nice :) The other two cats weren’t Bengals :)

Then the next most important class is Best of Breed. Again, there were 4 in the class though of course all Bengals this time and it was awarded to a girl! So the boy who won the Imperial, and Spike, and another girl weren’t successful on this occasion. Oh well :)

Spike only had one more class to go which was ‘Any Variety Foreign Neuter’. He was only against one other cat, a Devon Rex, but he actually won it! Yay! So at least he came home with something from the day :) Plus, he had very many admirers from the public! Whenever the hoomins were at his pen, all the passers by would remark on how wonderful they thought he was :)

Here he is with his little consolation prize :)


Spike and his consolation prize


So over to Annie who is quite a little star when it comes to showing.

She of course is more advanced than Spike in the titles she’s earned, being an Olympian Bronze already. So she was trying to get another Olympian award to go towards her Olympian Silver title. She needs 5 in total and already has one, so she’s on her way.

The judge was not one that mummy had come across before, so nothing was certain, though there were only 2 in the class, so it was likely that one would win and one would be the reserve.  This is not always a foregone conclusion, as any judge always has the right to withhold giving the title or the reserve to any cat, so you can’t count any chickens :lol:

My mummy knows the very nice lady, Carol, who was in charge of collating all the results and did slightly pester her at times to find out the results first :lol: There was a bit of a wait but it was worth it! Yes! Annie was awarded the Olympian, meaning she now has 2 towards her silver! :)

The Best of Colour was the next class to wait for where Annie was competing against 3 boys, including a gorgeous marbled brown Bengal who is already an Olympian Gold!

Yet again she was successful and my mummy did a little happy dance to celebrate (I think Carol thought she was a bit strange at this point, but my mummy was clearly oblivious :shock: )

So then it was on to the side classes – Annie was entered into 2 and both of them had 6 cats in the class in total.

The first one mummy looked at was “Cat with the Sleekest Coat” which Annie has won several times previously at other shows, though today was not to be her day on this one as she came 3rd out of the 6.

But then, she looked at “Any Colour Household Pet” which had some really strong competition, and the little pickle only went and won it! Yay!

So it was another superb day for the little one :)

Annie and her rosettes


The only thing left to report is Best in Show… Now, our little pesky didn’t win it, but our very good friend Debbie and her adorable baby boy, Ragnar, did! Yay and double yay! Rags is only 4 months old and this was his very first show so what a clever boy he was! He’s a Bengal x Maine Coon and it’s no wonder he won everyone’s hearts being as cute as a button as you can see below :)


Debbie Rawlinson's Ragnar
Debbie Rawlinson’s Ragnar

(Photo published with the kind permission of Carol Walker)

So what a great end to a great day!

It was then of course time to hit the heat outside of the air conditioned hall and make the trek back home where we all played in our Bengal spa which is still a work in progress, but getting there :)

Take care my friends!
Love from




Another Show Day!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend? Ours of course included another show, the last for a little while as there are no shows close enough to us in May :) So we’re all going to be having a little rest from them :)

But yesterday, Spike and Annie were strutting their stuff at a double show – the Cambridgeshire and the Bedford shows. Annie was entered into both, but Spike was just entered into one as my mummy can be quite fussy like that :)

It was one of the furthest shows from us, so it was another early start for the hoomins and the Peskies. I was disturbed from my catnap for an hour or so but then went back to sleep on the warm spot Annie left behind on top of the kitchen cabinets :) It was very pleasant and I dreamed of chicken treats and tuna, two of my most favourite things, as you may well have gathered if you’re a regular follower :)

Back to the topic… they picked up Sue the vet and our breeder on the way. She was taking two cats: Lucy and Harley. Lucy is half sister to Lula and myself (we share the same mother) and Harley is father to all 4 of the Bengal Cat World Bengals :)

There was a bit of a delay getting to the venue as unfortunately there had been a serious accident on the motorway, but luckily they weren’t too late.

Annie settled into her pen in the Household Pet section…

Annie tellling daddy about her pen


… Whilst Spike was next to Harley in the Pedigree section (pic taken a little later in the day).

Spike and Harley

Spike is of course competing for his Imperial Grand Premier title, whereas Harley is actually a level below, he’s competing for Grand Premier. This is because Harley has only recently been neutered :) When they aren’t neutered, cats compete for ‘Champion’ rather than ‘Premier’ titles, and Harley had reached Grand Champion (which isn’t bad going as he didn’t go to that many shows).

Once they’re neutered, they have to start again in the Neuter section, though they keep the title they’d earned in the Adult (non-neuter) section! A bit confusing I know… So Harley’s title is Grand Champion and Premier at the moment :)

It was quite a busy show, being as it was a double one, with lots of cats and people in the show hall but the morning judging soon started and the exhibitors had to let the judges get on with their work :)

The results were in reasonably quickly and here’s how our two little peskies did :)

In the Bedford show, Annie was up against 7 other lovely girls in the Olympian class and unfortunately didn’t win it :( She did win Best in Colour, though, beating a sweet boy :) In her side classes she was unplaced out of 8 in one, and 2nd out of 2 in the other, so not the best of results….

However, in the Cambridgeshire show, she was up against the same 7 girls for Olympian and won! So she now has her first Olympian Silver certificate (4 more to get to earn the title). She also beat the same boy to win Best in Colour and was 2nd out of 3 and 1st out of one (lol) in her side classes – so quite a bit better :) :)

Spike was up against 6 other boys for his Imperial certificate but didn’t get it, it was awarded to a stunning Russian Blue. He was up against 5 others (including Harley) for Best of Breed but it was awarded to  a little girl.

In his side classes, he was very consistent, coming 2nd out of 3 in both of them :)

Harley got Best of Breed in the other show (that Spike wasn’t entered in) and he also won 2 Grand Premier certificates which was excellent. Lucy also did well, though my mummy said she can’t remember all her results now :lol: (I blame her age :shock: )

Here’s some more pics :)

Annie telling daddy about her Olympian rosette


Spike chilled out


Before they knew it, it was time to pack up and travel safely home. Luckily the issues on the motorway had been sorted out and they all arrived safely, so we had some nice chicken treats and I had some tuna and they had whatever they like, and then it was time for a little run around the cat garden before settling down for a well-earned rest. And so did the peskies :lol:

Take care my friends!
Love from



Boys’ Day Out!







Hello my friends, Spot here!

It’s a little bit odd, I know, me writing my blog on a Monday, and I’ll be out with my days all week! :lol: It’s all because the cat show this week was on Sunday rather than Saturday :)  My mummy was much too tired to help me write my blog yesterday to tell you all about the show, so that’s why we’re writing it now :)


So we were up bright and early yesterday. Well, it was early at least, perhaps not so bright, seeing as it was in the middle of the night … :shock: Perhaps not quite the middle of the night but it was very early for me to have my sleep disturbed :shock:


Mummy had decided to give Annie a little break from shows as she’s been to a few this year, so it was up to us boys – me and Spike – to go and show off our spots :)


So, Annie and the rest of them carried on snoozing whilst Spike and I got in the large carrier and were whisked away to the show.
We both had double pens and I settled in very quickly into my donut bed as I could tell I’d be able to have lots of nice catnaps in it ;)



Spike, on the other paw, liked to have a good look round his pen and make sure it was up to his standards!


Spike checking out his pen


So mummy had to fuss around him quite a lot – he’s very loud and insistent when he wants to be!


Mummy looking after Spike and me snoozing


After a while, as it always does, the rest of the world caught up with us and others started to arrive and the hall soon filled up with cats of all breeds and colours.

And then the morning judging started where we’d be assessed for our Title and Best of Breed classes. This was a joint show so, although we’re both at the same level, we weren’t competing against each other as Spike was in one show and I was in a different one.

We were both going for our Imperial certificate, as we both still need 4 to achieve the title (we both have one each – we like to be consistent! :lol: )

The title class results took a little while to come out, but in the meantime the Best of Breed results were published! And what great news! I won Best of Breed in my show, though to be fair there was only one other boy up against me.

Spike was up against 3 other cats for his BoB, including my Aunt Fanny (Sue’s cat. He’s related to me on my mother’s side, and not related to Spike). Sue knew that the judge liked Fanny very much and Fanny is much more titled than either of us two so it would be a tough class….

But Spike won it! Yay! What a clever chap he is :)

Then we waited for our Imperial class results: Spike was up against 4 other cats in his, and I was up against 7 other cats in mine!

Again, a tough couple of classes, which sadly neither of us won. :( Oh well. If it was any consolation, the boy who won Spike’s class also eventually won the Best in Show Foreign category, so it was no shame to be beaten by him.

Then we waited for the side classes…. mine weren’t all that great, to be honest :) I was unplaced out of 5 in one, and 2nd out of 2 in the other. But at least I had lots of nice catnaps :)

Spike did a little better! He won one of his side classes (though he was the only one in it :lol: :lol: ) and came 2nd out of 5 in the other, with the same boy beating him to 1st place.

Then, it was time to pack up so daddy put us both in the same pen whilst he tidied things up and mummy got on with packing up the stall.

The first thing Spike did was steal my nice bed!

Naughty Spike!


I wasn’t impressed by this :)

Not impressed


So I made him get up and look at my nice pink rosette (though he seemed much more interested in something else  :)  )


Spike getting up


And finally, we got home and had some nice dinner and some of my favourite chicken treats before getting into bed for a well-deserved snooze. In fact, I have no idea why my mummy was so tired after all; I had a very relaxing day! :lol:

The next show is in a few weeks, which will be attended by Spike and Annie :)

Take care my friends!

Love from




Annie’s Latest Triumph!






Hello my friends, Spot here!

I just want to start off by admitting something…. but don’t let anyone else know, OK?

I’m just a little, teeny-tiny bit proud of the littlest Pesky; Annie! :) The girl has done good! She had such a great day yesterday at the cat show, so now I’m going to tell you all about it ;)

It was the usual early start. Well, early = middle of the night. So I carried on sleeping on top of the kitchen cabinets (was having a change of scenery) whilst the hoomins did their thing and rushed around and finally left with the little one in tow so I could get back to some un-interrupted sleep :)

They drove to Sue’s house (our breeder) and then made their way up north for about 100 miles until they reached the show.

The doors were meant to open at 7am, but they were locked and didn’t get opened until at least 15 or 20 minutes later! My mummy wasn’t pleased as she had to set up her trade stand (it takes her forever to do this :shock: ) and 20 minutes was a big loss of time!

But they eventually got in; Annie passed vetting in with no problems and they were in the show hall.

Mummy set up her trade stand which looked like this when she was finished :)


Mummy’s trade stand


Whilst she was doing that, Daddy cleaned Annie’s pen and prepared it and settled her in :)


Annie settling in


And then it was time for the morning judging to start!

Annie’s main class was the Olympian and she only needed one more Olympian certificate to earn the title “Olympian Bronze”.

When mummy looked in the catalogue, though, she could see that it would be tough as she was up against three other gorgeous girls, two of whom were already Olympian Silvers, so much more qualified than our Annie.

They were on tenterhooks for a while, but (after about the 10th time of mummy looking), the results were published and our little Annie won the class! Yay! This means that the title is now hers! So in future shows she’ll be competing for certificates to earn the title “Olympian Silver” :) :) :)

Then, the next most important class is Best of Colour (known as Best of Breed in the ‘normal’ pedigree section that Spike and I compete in). Again, Annie’s competition was strong as she was up against 3 boys, two of whom were Olympian Gold! (one earned the title that day).

After another little wait, and a slight little hiccup where it looked like one of the boys might have got it, the final result was published and Annie had won that too! What a clever poppet!

So then it was just the side classes that were awaited: these are nice to win, but don’t really count towards anything so are not as important as the other two classes.

But having said that, my mummy always likes Annie to win the “Prettiest Female” class! Annie yet again had tough competition as 8 lovely females were in this class!

So my mummy was very pleased when she saw Annie had won this too!

Then it was the “Glossiest Coat” class. Again there were 8 lovely cats in the class and yet again, would you believe it, it was yet another class where the Pesky came 1st! Amazing!

The final side class result was not so good. In the Club Class she came 3rd out of 5. Oh well. :D

Annie with some of her awards


So our little Annie is not yet 2 years old and already has the title *takes a deep breath* …

Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Master Cat!

To put this in perspective, our Lula who had a great show career before she retired, earned her Imperial title just before her 2nd birthday and never progressed beyond that, and I had only reached the Grand level by my second birthday :) These are the more normal achievements for many cats :) And of course, the Olympian is the hardest level to achieve no matter which section you’re in :)

Here’s Annie in her pen with all her rosettes and certificates :)

(except the third place one :lol: )


Annie’s pen


And here’s Annie’s Olympian certificate from yesterday close up :)


Olympian Certificate


And finally, here’s all 5 of the rosettes she won to gain the title Olympian Bronze!


Olympian Rosettes


So to earn the title Olympian Silver, she now needs 5 more Olympian certificates. As with all the Olympian titles, they need to be from 5 different judges and 4 of them must come from All Breed Cat Shows (i.e. the large shows where all breeds can be entered). Only one can be from a smaller show where there are only one or a few breeds.

I hope you liked my little ‘tail’ my friends!

Take care!
Love from




Annie’s latest show :)

Hello my friends, Spot here!


As you may have seen on our Facebook page yesterday, it was show time again for Annie!


I’m going to write you a full report :) I don’t have many pics to share but you see, last week in my blog I shared lots of pics but hardly any words, so this week is just the opposite way round! I will write quite a lot of words and only have a couple of pics :)
(the real reason behind this of course is that the hoomins didn’t take hardly any pics at the show, so I’m blaming them really – shhh!) :lol:


So, as usual, Lula and I were snuggled up in the big bed having dreams about birdies and toads (or at least I was, Lula was snoring away quite happily too) when all of a sudden, in the middle of the night, we were rudely awakened by the hoomins switching the light on and banging around, putting the kettle on and all the ‘morning’ things the odd ones do!


Zzzz… Zzzz… Zzzz…


Lula and I carried on sleeping, didn’t even go and sniff breakfast – we’re not stupid :) …  After a while, they switched off the lights and marched out of the house with Annie in her carrier so the rest of us could carry on with the important things like catnaps :)


They went off to pick up Sue, our breeder, who was also Duty Vet at the show. Interestingly indeed, Sue has now neutered our dad, Harley – he’s dad to all four of the Bengals in our World, and Sue is now going to show him as a Neuter. He’s been shown before as an entire cat and reached the Grand Champion level which is very good considering that he only went to a few shows, but now he starts again and goes for his Premier title to start with! We’ll let you know how he got on later.
But the interesting thing about this is that he’ll now be competing against me and Spike for Best of Breed and maybe side classes if we are ever in the same show, and also if he catches up with us (we are both already Grand Premiers), he will be competing against us in title classes too! :)


But back to Annie …  she arrived at the show and was soon settled into her pen, daddy looked after her whilst mummy made sure everything was set up on the trade stall :)


Annie settling in


This was another double show: Annie was entered into one show in full, but only in the Olympian and Best in Colour class in the other one. This is a great idea that the show managers do for this show, it costs a bit less money and the cat is handled less and the two most important classes are usually the title and BiC/Best of Breed.


Soon enough, it was time for morning judging to start so mummy was able to get the catalogue to look at all of Annie’s classes. This was a big show with a large entry in all classes – there were 10 in Annie’s Olympian class in one show and 11 in the Olympian class in the other :shock:  There were also big entries in the other classes.


As the results came out, it was not to be Annie’s day in terms of the Olympian – she didn’t get the title nor the reserve, they went to two other superb cats (all the cats at Olympian level are wonderful, otherwise they wouldn’t be there ;) ) So, although this was slightly disappointing, as Annie only needed one more award to earn the title Olympian Bronze, it just wasn’t to be, so the hoomins waited to see the results of the other classes.

And here they are!
In one show she won Best in Colour, beating 4 lovely boys, though she didn’t get BiC in the other show.


That just left the side classes, and another new one we’ve not mentioned yet, in the full show Annie was in.


So… Prettiest female…. there were 5 in the class and Annie came 2nd! She was beaten by the girl that got the Olympian.

The next class was Any Visitor (this is for cats that live a certain distance away). There were 7 fabulous cats in the class and Annie came…. First! Yay! :)

Then the final class which is specific to this show only – The Ultimate Cat Class! A cat needs to win this on two separate occasions with 2 different judges and they then earn the title “Ultimate Master Cat” and have the initials UMC in their full name title.

And the result? For female adult cat…Annie won! So she just needs to win it once more at a future show to have this special title :)

Here’s Annie’s rosettes :)


Annie’s rosettes


So the only thing left is for me to let you know how our dad got on :) Well, we’re obviously from good stock as he earned his Premier certificate in both shows, and also won Best of Breed in both shows :) He only needs one more Premier certificate to earn the title Premier cat and will then go into the Grand Premier classes to try and catch up with me and Spike :)


Phew! There we have it! I think I’m going to go and join Lula in the big bed now and have a nice catnap :) Maybe dream about little mices this time :)

Take care my friends!
Love from



Little Annie: Little Star!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


Wow and wow! What a day Annie had at the show yesterday! The little pesky did good!


So, as usual for a show day, we all got rudely awakened in the middle of the night when the hoomins came traipsing downstairs, disturbing our nice catnaps, putting all the lights on and serving breakfast at an unearthly hour! They are soooo inconsiderate sometimes! :shock:


But soon enough, they left the house with one little Annie pesky, and we could all go back to sleep and think about breakfast at a much more reasonable time :lol:


Little Annie didn’t like being in the carrier by herself, though – she’s used to having a companion with her: usually Spike but sometimes me (she’s not fussy). So she miaowed and miaowed and miaowed until mummy relented and let her sit on her lap for most of the journey where she purred and looked out of the window and tried to lick daddy’s nose whilst he was driving ;)


But this was our ‘home’ show so it didn’t last for too long! In fact this was a double show! The Shropshire show (our home county) and the Gwynedd Show (this is a county in Wales), and to confuse it all, the show takes place in Staffordshire which is next door to Shropshire, but we don’t really need to worry about all that :)


So Annie was soon settled into her pen which was close to the hoomins’ trade stand so they could sort of keep an eye on her throughout morning judging when the hoomin exhibitors have to leave the pens.


Annie settling in


Annie is now of course competing in the very top class – the Olympian. She needs 5 Olympian awards at different shows to earn the title, Olympian Bronze. She already has two, and with it being a double show yesterday, she had two opportunities to earn the award. But when the hoomins looked in the catalogue, they could see she was up against a cat that was already Olympian Bronze in one show and a cat that was already Olympian Silver in the other, so they knew it would be tough….


…. But Annie only went and won it, didn’t she? And not just in one show, but in BOTH! The hoomins leapt up and down for joy (or at least mummy did, daddy doesn’t do such frivolities. At least not in public anyways).  They said they would have been happy if that was all she won all day because that is the ‘main’ class that you are competing for.


It looked like that might be the case when the Best in Colour results were published as Annie was beaten in both shows by a wonderful marbled Bengal boy who is absolutely adorable and is an Olympian Gold cat! An old friend who beats her sometimes, but she has also beaten too. Mummy and daddy were cool about that.


Then the side classes came out and Annie won first in all of those! Including mummy’s favourite side class – prettiest female!


There was a bit of confusion at one point as there was a 2nd place certificate put on Annie’s pen, so mummy thought she had been beaten in that class. Upon closer inspection, though, mummy saw that she had both a first place and a second place for the same class! So she went and checked and the 2nd place was a mistake, Annie had in fact come first :)


Annie’s pen with the blue 2nd place certificate



This is how her pen should have looked (with yet another rosette added on)


Annie’s pen as it should have looked


At one point when the afternoon side classes were being judged, my daddy managed to get a picture of Annie with the judge and her steward :)


Annie’s judge in conversation with her steward


What a good little pickle she was being while they talked about her :lol:


Then the day was drawing to a close with only Best in Show to do. Mummy and daddy knew she had stiff competition from the marbled boy, Sanjay, and from others too, so they weren’t counting any chickens.


But then! Yet another rosette appeared on Annie’s pen – a big blue one with the fabulous words: “Best of Variety. Pedigree Household Pet”! This meant that for the Shropshire show, Annie had won Best in Show out of all the Pedigree cats! (27 in total were entered, though a few may have been absent).


Annie’s lovely blue BoV rosette!


This also meant that Annie would be going up to the posh pens – the Best in Show pens – where she would compete against the winner of the Non-Pedigree Pets for Overall Best in Show Household Pet!


Annie in the posh pen


Then the judge came along to decide which was the winner and our Annie won it! Very exciting and all the more sweet as it was our home show! :)  What a fabulous day :) :)

Here’s all her winnings, pic taken at home today


Annie’s BiS Prizes


And these are all her rosettes – what a haul for one little girl!

Annie’s rosettes


So after all that excitement, it was time to hurry on home and give me my dinner and some of my favourite chicken treats. And perhaps feed the others too ;) And then Annie had a nice catnap on mummy’s lap :)

Take care my friends!

Love from