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Our cat-mates

Hello everyone!


Brrr… well, it’s turned a bit chilly here in the UK today. That’s not great considering it’s June and meant to be the height of summer! In fact, in just over a week’s time, we’ll have the longest day, and after that the nights will start to draw in again! Ho hum! That’s British summers for you :lol:


I was having a little think about my blog, and I know it’s called “Bengal Cat World” but I do live with three moggies (as well as Lula of course) and I do feel that I sometimes forget them when I’m chatting with you guys on here.


So I thought I’d dedicate my blog today to my three cat mates, Robbie, Harry and Friday :)


So, here’s Robbie – he’s such a lovely cat! He’s very playful with us and is always after my Da Bird feathers when mummy and daddy get them out! But I don’t mind really because he looks at me with his big gorgeous eyes and I can forgive him anything!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Exploring in the garden


Bengal Cat Blog Photo


And now, let’s say hello and miaow to Harry. He doesn’t really like having his photo taken but he’s a lovely gentle giant! Sometimes he can get a bit carried away when he plays – he is much stronger than he realises! He definitely is the king of the territory and will defend all of us if other cats come into our garden and if we don’t want to be friends with them.


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Harry minding his own business


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Admiring the flowers?


Last, but by no means least, is little Friday cat. Mummy always says she is more like a dog than a cat as she follows mummy around wherever she goes and loves sitting on her lap! She does like a little play now and again, and is much more gentle than Harry is. She has definitely used up all of her 9 lives – she not only broke her leg once, but she also went missing for nearly two weeks and worried my mummy and daddy terribly. Luckily, she’s put all those wandering days behind her now and just likes to potter around in the garden on a nice day. If it’s a horrible day, she won’t put a paw outside at all :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Sitting on Spot’s favourite window seat :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Enjoying the cat garden


I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting my other cat friends for a change! Take care and see you soon :D