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Great day for play!


Hello all my friends! We’ve had quite a lot of new subscribers over the last week or two and it makes me very happy that people like reading our blog and looking at our photos! Welcome to you all :)


We have had such mixed weather here recently, but my mummy tells me that this is what British summers are normally like, so I suppose I had better get used to it :lol: I was only a little baby for most of last summer, so I can’t really remember much of it :)


But today has been one of the nicer days, so Lula and I got out into the field and had a fantastic run around! This photo has got quite a lot of zoom on it, we were quite a distance from our garden!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s see how fast we can go!


Robbie saw the fun we were having and when we got back to being a bit closer to our own territory, he decided to come and join us. At first, Lula didn’t recognise who he was as he kind of crept up on us without us noticing, so you can see how she bushed all her fur up – see how thick her tail is! Us cats do this if we’re a little frightened or threatened by something as it makes us look bigger and more scary!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ooohhh – you made me jump!


But we then had a lovely play together :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s play “piggy in the middle”!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula refused to play that game… she said she wasn’t a piggy!


But after a while, Robbie decided it was time for his cat-nap so we made sure we stayed behind and guarded the field…


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s keep a good look-out!


But we’re quite peckish now after all that activity, so I think we’ll be going in soon to find out what’s for tea!


Take care everyone and I’ll be back again soon! :)

Love Spot




Making the most of it

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to my blog :)


Well, the weekend is nearly upon us and normally my mummy would be really excited by that because it would mean that she’d have time to relax and not be at that funny place called “work”. But it’s a little different this week as she’s been on holiday from work, so that means that going back to work is now getting ever closer!


But she told me that she had loved having a week off and spending it with all us cats, and who could blame her? :lol:


She hasn’t had great weather for her time off either, we’ve had lots of rain showers so she’s not been able to get outside much. Us cats have to take our chances whenever we can for a good play and run around as well. Although us Bengals don’t mind getting wet, we do prefer it when it’s dry as it’s so much easier to play :)


So in between the rain showers, we’ve been up to our usual tricks…


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Where is that Lula cat?






Playing in the field….










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Oh – there she is!
















Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Come here little birdie…!






Eyeing up the birdies….










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I love it up here!






Climbing up the tree….










Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Here fishy, fishy!








Trying to catch the fish….
















But I think Robbie has the best idea – he just finds a sheltered spot (not me MOL) and watches the world go by from there…..


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Look at those two silly cats doing all those silly things!




















I think sometimes perhaps we should be a bit more chilled out like our Robbie cat…. we’d certainly save a bit of energy :D


Speak again soon!

Love Spot