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Very proud

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I'm a Best Blog Photo Finalist badge


We are extremely proud of being a BlogPaws Finalist for Best Blog Photo – thank you so much to our very lovely friend, June, for nominating us for the award!

Our photo is up against three others, which are all lovely pics of dogs, so we’re crossing our paws that the judges like our feline forms! Here’s the photo that’s in the final:


Bengal Cats
Our BlogPaws finalist photo


Love from all of us at Bengal Cat World xxx


Cute Kittens and Family Photo Album!

Hello my friends, Spot here!


You may already know from our Facebook page that my mummy & daddy went to take some photos at Sue’s house yesterday. Sue is the lady who bred us, so it was an opportunity for them to see lots of lovely kittens, as well as a lot of our relatives! :)


Mummy said she thought it would be nice to put this little collection of pictures together so Lula and I can see all our family and some gorgeous kittens all in one place :)


Cute Bengal Kittens
Our cat-mummy, Pandora, and our half brothers and sisters


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Our cat-mummy, Pandora


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Our cat-daddy, Harley


Bengal Cat blog photo
Our granddad, Sabu


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Our Auntie, Fantasia


Cute bengal kittens
The other litter of kittens (not related to us)


I hope you enjoyed looking at our breeder’s cats and kittens! :) But of course, I couldn’t sign off without sharing a photo of Lula and me, so here we are sitting on our cat house ;)


Bengal cat blog photo
Do you come here often? :D


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot xxxx


Hello my friends, Spot here!

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Sitting on our cat house roof



Ooooh! It’s been so windy here today! It means there’s been lots of leaves for us to chase, but sometimes, it’s just better to chill out and enjoy the fresh air, don’t you think? Lula and I have chilled out a lot today!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula having a rest


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
If it rains, we have shelter inside the cat house!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula’s stolen my place on the cat house!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
The sun came out for a little while…





You know… it’s a hard life being a cat sometimes! Particularly when you can’t use the tin opener to get to the tuna! :lol:


See you soon!
Love from Spot xxxx


We’ve been so naughty!


Hello my friends!


Oh dear! Those of you who follow my Facebook and/or Twitter pages will know that Lula and I have been very naughty recently! Yesterday, mummy got home from work and had to do a double take as she thought I was looking very odd! My fur was very dark – you couldn’t make out any of the lighter bits and I was also behaving quite sheepishly, too.


She then looked at Lula and noticed that she had black marks in her fur too, though not as bad as mine (which is a good job being as she is a Snow Bengal!). So mummy had a look around and realised that while she’d been out, we’d been up the chimney! :shock: Not only were we filthy, but so were the cream carpet and some of the sofas and chairs – eeek!


Mummy didn’t even stop to make herself a cup of tea as she normally does when she gets in from work – it was straight upstairs with us two and into the bathtub! The only problem was that she didn’t have any proper cat shampoo – only a “non-rinse” one which you can use as a spot cleaner. And no, I don’t mean me – I mean one that you can use without doing a full bath :lol: You see, she doesn’t really bathe us cats normally, she would only do it if we were really, really dirty. Like we were yesterday in fact.


Here’s some photos of us looking sorry for ourselves after our bath!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
I’ve just come out, but I’m still dirty!
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
A wet Lula
Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Can I go now, please?



Mummy got quite a lot of the soot out of our fur, but not quite all of it, so we are thinking that another bath might be imminent today! Especially as she went out earlier and bought some proper cat shampoo!


So, we devised a cunning plan! It’s been a beautiful day today and we were let outside as soon as mummy got home after going to a funny chap called “the dentist” and buying the shampoo :)  We therefore decided that if we stay out long enough, mummy will forget all about her need to wash us, and then we’ll just have our tea and settle down for our cat naps this evening!


So here’s a little of what we’ve been up to today outside!


I’ve been hiding in the foliage around the pond…

Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Can you see me?



….. And Lula’s been trying to hide in the tree!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Mummy won’t see me here!




Do you think our plan will be successful and we’ll get out of having another bath? I hope so :D


Great day for play!


Hello all my friends! We’ve had quite a lot of new subscribers over the last week or two and it makes me very happy that people like reading our blog and looking at our photos! Welcome to you all :)


We have had such mixed weather here recently, but my mummy tells me that this is what British summers are normally like, so I suppose I had better get used to it :lol: I was only a little baby for most of last summer, so I can’t really remember much of it :)


But today has been one of the nicer days, so Lula and I got out into the field and had a fantastic run around! This photo has got quite a lot of zoom on it, we were quite a distance from our garden!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s see how fast we can go!


Robbie saw the fun we were having and when we got back to being a bit closer to our own territory, he decided to come and join us. At first, Lula didn’t recognise who he was as he kind of crept up on us without us noticing, so you can see how she bushed all her fur up – see how thick her tail is! Us cats do this if we’re a little frightened or threatened by something as it makes us look bigger and more scary!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Ooohhh – you made me jump!


But we then had a lovely play together :)


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s play “piggy in the middle”!


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Lula refused to play that game… she said she wasn’t a piggy!


But after a while, Robbie decided it was time for his cat-nap so we made sure we stayed behind and guarded the field…


Bengal Cat Blog Photo
Let’s keep a good look-out!


But we’re quite peckish now after all that activity, so I think we’ll be going in soon to find out what’s for tea!


Take care everyone and I’ll be back again soon! :)

Love Spot