Sunbathing Snow Bengal

Hello my friends, Spot here!


I hope you’ve all had a nice weekend :) We’ve had quite a lazy one really, enjoying lots of cat naps – my mummy says that’s the only time we’re not being naughty! Silly mummy!


But in between some rain showers, we have had some sun and Lula who you might remember as a snow lover, has been showing just how much she loves the sun as well! :) She’s a versatile cat – the weather doesn’t really stop her from doing what she wants ;)


Here she is in “action”!


Snow bengal cat sunbathing
Aahhh! This looks like a nice, sunny spot!


Snow bengal cat sunbathing
Ooops! A few hairs out of place there!


Snow bengal cat sunbathing
Back to the task in hand or rather, paw…


Snow bengal cat sunbathing
Is that a bug I can hear nearby?


Snow bengal cat sunbathing
Oh well…. let the bug buzz…. this sun is too nice!


Oooh! It makes me sleepy just looking at her!


Take care my friends!

Love from Spot xxxxx




14 thoughts on “Sunbathing Snow Bengal”

  1. What a lovely girl you are Lula! Even if Spot says you’re a naughty little Bengal. My mommy says I’m naughty too. Must be a girl thing :)

  2. Ooh I hope the sun was nice & warm Lula☀
    It was sunny here but chilly in the wind so I had a nice sleep in my bed :-)

    Love Anyah xxx

    1. The sun was warm, but then it clouded over and the rain showers came – but we’re used to that by now :wink: xxx

  3. Lula you’re so pretty! I love the way your toes sparkle in the sun :grin: It’s always nice to have a bit of a sunny laze about. Thank you Spot, lovely photos as always ♥

  4. Where were you whilst Lula was sunning herself Spot? She looks as if she had a lovely cat nap in the sun.

    My two were also out sunning themselves this weekend (watching me working hard in the garden while they did nothing!). It certainly is a cat’s life! :)

    Heather x x x

    1. I was sitting on the roof of our cat house, Heather ;) Don’t tell my mummy or daddy but I was trying to figure out an escape route from the cat garden….. but I’ve still not managed it yet :shock: I then came and pounced on Lula when she’d really nodded off :mrgreen: I am nice brother :twisted: It sounds like you were busy in your garden :wink: xxxx

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